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The Foundation for Fiscal Studies are delighted to announce the  joint winners of the Miriam Hederman O’Brien Prize 2018


Javier Papa, Luke Rehill and Brendan O’Connor

Donal Palcic, Eoin Reeves and Anne Stafford

Highly Commended                                                                                                                                  

Martina Shirran

Sheelagh Connolly, Anne Nolan, Brendan Walsh, Maev Ann Wren (

Karina Dooley, Maxime Bercholz, Tim Callan, Claire Keane, John Walsh

David Cronin, Kieran McQuinn

Laura Flannelly, Kieran Culhane

Brendan O’Dowd, Kieran Culhane

David Jacobson

Daniel O’Callaghan & Sean Prior

  • Productivity in Ireland

Michael Connolly,  Eóin Flaherty, Yvonne Hayden

  • Blog Posts & commentary on economic debate and Brexit

Tony Connolly, RTE

Chris Johns, Irish Times

Kevin O’Rourke The Irish Economy