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The Miriam Hederman O’Brien Gold Medal was awarded to Aedin Doris and Bruce Chapman for their paper

“Modelling Higher Education Financing Reform for Ireland”

Aedin Doris accepting the Gold Medal from Colm Kelly, Chairman of the Foundation for Fiscal Studies.

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Shortlist –

“Scenarios and Distributional Implications of a Household Wealth Tax in Ireland ” by Lawless and Lynch
“An Analysis of 2015 Corporation Tax Returns and 2016 Payments” by Tancred
   “Economic Evaluation of the R&D Tax Credit” by Acheson
“Deterrence, Peer-Effect and Legitimacy in Anti-Corruption Policy-making: An Experimental Analysis” by Gillanders, Boly and Miettinen
“Government expenditure composition and fiscal policy spillovers in small open economies within a monetary union” by Clancy, Jacquinot and Lozel